Installation: We install top-notch flooring in new construction homes as well as floor replacement in existing homes. We only use wood from reputable mills where wood is stored in an air and moisture controlled environment. Most floors we install and finish are either red or white oak, however we also work with many other species of wood. We will install borders of geometric design and specialty medallions.

Refinishing: We sand each floor up to a high grit sandpaper while filling holes and cracks in between steps to ensure a smooth, level finish. In the event you have any prior damage from water, pet stains or termites, these boards can be replaced. We also provide shoe molding around the entire perimeter of the floor.

We have several options for finishing your floors, all of which we discuss and examine using color and stain swatches.

You can also choose your floors sheen, from satin, semi gloss or high gloss. Oil based polyurethane is the most popular finishes used, but other finishes can be used at your request including water based polyurethane, tongue oil, wax and moisture cure.

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